About Us

TUrkish muLticentered Investigator Platform in Rheumatology (TULIP) group was founded in 2011. The main objective of TULIP is bring out the broad participation studies in the field of rheumatology. 10 secretaries located in the advisory board of TULIP are responsible on the TULIP study group. Responsible  secretary  appointed from among of TULIP secretaries and be mainly responsible secretary of group for one year. Each study admitted to TULIP group will be forwarded to responsible secretary of TULIP primarily.Responsible secretary will send this study to other members of group for assessment. The final decision depends on the decision to be given by the referees.
After, all members are invited by sending study form.Necessary study forms are prepared and placed on  Trials-Network system. In the case of the author's need and appropriate by responsible secretary,the study may open  to international platform. TULIP secretariat meets regularly every 3 months. The decisions taken at the end of the meeting shall be notified to all members. All rheumatologists who wants join the group can participate in the TULIP study group.

TULIP study group makes meetings with  its members about  of  last status of studies and new projects  at the rheumatology congresses. Again, the results of the meeting will be notified to the members by responsible member of TULIP.